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Kari's Korner Bowtique

Hi, I'm Ashley! I sell hair bows that are inspired by various fandoms. Most of them are based around Disney and can be perfect to wear to the parks or even around the house!

Kari's Korner Bowtique Logo and Bows

I am a cast member at Walt Disney World and started my shop about 7 years ago to help pay for my wedding in 2015. I enjoy Disney, anime and crafting and my little shop helps combine all of those. I am currently on medical leave while my husband was a cast member that was unfortunately let go so this shop is helping during this time.

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Website: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/KarisKornerBowtique
PROMO: I'm currently donating 20% of profits made from any Cast Member or Park Inspired Bow to Cast Member Pantry bought between now and Thanksgiving.
Upcoming Sales: Black Friday sale

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IG: @KarisKornerBowtique
Kari's Korner Bowtique (@KariKornerStore)