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Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello Kreative Kingdoms friends,

One of my goals for a while has been to start a Disney Blog. I may not have shared this before, but I actually studied journalism in university. I love to write and always need a pen and paper close by. In truth, it’s hard for me to write directly on a computer and I almost started this multiple times by writing it by hand first. My biggest hesitation is that I have created a handful of blogs in the past (personal ones) and I can never keep them up. 


With our shop I feel like our platform and audience is already here and this is the perfect addition. Plus, Disney is something I’m passionate about so hopefully it will help me to write and post more frequently. 


Now feels like the perfect time to start because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It’s been really hard as a small shop to know what to do during this time. All essential business in our province (Ontario) have closed, and while ecommerce businesses are allowed to continue, we also understand the concerns of packaging our products in a sterile environment and the risks of going to the post office (which is inside Shoppers) when it’s a time that we should all be staying home as much as possible. That being said, we do remain open but we know sales might be down. We also aren’t able to create as many new products as we want right now so a blog will allow us to give you new content - in a safe and affordable way for all! 


I hope you’re all excited about this addition to Kreative Kingdoms and I look forward to connecting with you in this new way. Please let me know if you have any topics or ideas you want me to write about.


Wish. Dream. Believe.

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