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Princess Pampering: Whistle While You Work

Sadly we were supposed to be in the parks right now but like many people, we had to cancel our trip. 

As any Disney fan knows, the parks are our happy place. It’s the place that makes you feel whole. Where you’re energized, happy, safe, and really, truly yourself. 

So while I’m missing that right now I decided to treat myself to a midday Monday spa. And it turns out, this gave me the perfect blog to write. While relaxing in the bath I realized how Disney themed it was and it's left me happy and energized - similar to how I feel when I arrive on property (I mean, nothing compares to THAT but it’s close).

First, we were lucky enough to have our first sunny and hot day here in Niagara. So I decided to pretend I was in Florida. I enjoyed an hour outside in the sun in my bathing suit, and I got super sweaty and hot. (I even got a tan!)

Since I was gross but still needed to work I decided to take an energizing bath. The following steps will show you how to pamper yourself like a princess with what I’m calling the “Whistle While You Work” spa.

I really am so happy I could whistle!

Princess Pampering: Whistle While You Work
(Energizing Bath for morning and day)

  1. Fill the tub with hot water and add some salts. Epsom salts are great. Today I used my new “Detox” Salt Soak which has Dead Sea salt and black lava salt. The Dead Sea salt contains 21 minerals that helps soothe and repair skin tissue, relax muscles and balance moisture in the skin and body.
    The “Detox” Salt Soak is from a local business, Garden City Essentials. Given everything that’s going on it’s so important to shop and support local and small business. 

  2. Add some essential oils to create a great atmosphere. I picked “Wild Orange”. I added it to the bathwater and plugged in my diffuser to fill the bathroom with the citrusy scent.
    While it wasn’t exactly like the orange groves smell it definitely reminded me of Soarin’. 

  3. Okay, this one’s funny. I recently started using my Beautycounter Lemongrass Scrub and lotion. And I swear it smells just like a Disney hotel. It has an elegance like Grand Floridian but that’s not exactly it. I had to look it up and it appears lemongrass is the scent many use for a POP Century themed product.
    Since POP is our favourite hotel (and where we would be right now) it’s no wonder I’m obsessed with this product and that it gives me Disney vibes. Not to mention how incredibly soft my skin is after. How did I not realize it’s my favourite resort?!

  4. Lastly, if you’re like me, you’ve probably stock piled your Disney travel size shampoos and conditioners from the hotels (which you can’t get everywhere anymore btw). So, finish off your relaxing bath by washing your hair with those products. While it’s not the same as being there, it’s the closest we’ll get right now.

There are so many ways to incorporate Disney into our lives at home. (It’s the reason we started our shop). And you don’t even have to buy anything new. Find things you already have and figure out how they connect to Disney. (Maybe that’s desperate? But it works!).

Let us know if you try this spa theme to help you get through the work day! 

Do you ever treat yourself to spa time at home?

(Disclaimer: Kalyna is a Beautycounter Independent Consultant. This is not a paid post. I am just sharing products I have, use and like. You’re welcome to use any brands you want!)

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