Disneybound: Snow White

If you’re new to the Disney social media scene you may or may not have heard of Disneybounding. It’s essentially the adult way to go to the Disney Parks dressed like characters, without wearing costumes (which isn’t allowed).

Disneybounding is when you wear everyday clothes but style them in a way that represents a character. You can go casual, formal, retro, vintage, summer, winter – the possibilities are endless.

The very first Disney princess I loved as a kid was Snow White. I’m not sure why but I do know I’ve always connected with her in her appearance. So for our Disney trip in June 2019 I knew I had to “‘bound” as the first Disney Princess.

Getting the idea for the look was easy – yellow on the bottom, blue on top, red accessories – but finding the right pieces proved to be more challenging than I’d expected. 

I originally wanted a flowy yellow skirt (even though I’m not a skirt person) but I couldn’t find anything that fit what I was envisioning. I finally found the perfect skirt but they only had the size bigger than I needed. I got it anyway but it was too big (now it’s sitting on my bedroom floor). 

So the search continued for yellow bottoms. Eventually I found some yellow legging shorts and some “poofy” yellow shorts. They were inexpensive so I bought them both but wasn’t completely comfortable in them.

Tip: Make sure your outfit is something you’ll be comfortable in physically and mentally. 

While continuing my search for yellow bottoms I looked for the perfect blue top. This was easier because blue is my favourite colour and I knew whatever I found I’d wear again. I went with a simple blue tank top. 

I really wanted red sandals and an apple purse. Unfortunately I never found an apple purse but I found a red one that was also big enough to fit everything I’d need for the park that day. Oh Yeah Apparel had a pair of the exact shoes I wanted but not in my size and they wouldn’t get to me in time (shipping from the USA to Canada). So I found some red flats and eventually red sandals. I took both on the trip and decided what to wear when I got there.

At the very last minute I finally found yellow shorts. They were soft, longer, and not a bright yellow, so while not exactly Snow White’s yellow I knew it’s what I’d be comfortable in. 

Lastly the accessories – it’s all about the details. I had custom apple earrings made from my friend Amanda (@DisneyFamVacation), and a red headband from Sixela Creations. Paired that with red lipstick and curled my hair and I was good to go! 

I also bought Snow White MagicBand decals to complete the look. I picked a red band as the base and it was a fun way to complete the look.

I also found a red shall that I loved and added to the look. To me this kind of matches the red in Snow White’s sleeves, and it really tied the whole look together. 

It was fun but truthfully a lot of work. From finding the right outfit (and trying not to spend too much money in the process) to wearing it in the park all day (and taking the perfect photos for it) the focus that park day was definitely about the Disneybound.

Have you ever Disneybouneded? Who did you go as? Let me know in the comments. 



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