3 Ways to Use our “Dream” Sticker

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020 we celebrated the one year anniversary of our shop re-opening. To coincide with this event we released a brand new product! 

We’re so excited to be adding stickers to our shop. 

Our first sticker is the holographic “Dream” sticker, inspired by our brand’s style and colours. 

This die-cut sticker is great for adding to water bottles, notebooks, or even laptops! The holographic vinyl adds a fun rainbow effect when it catches the light just right.

Check Out Three Ways We’re Adding This To Our Life

1. Water Bottle

Ideal for metal surfaces you can spruce up any plain water bottle you have. 

Dream sticker on metal water bottle

First pick a bottle. 

Next, decide where you want to put it. (I debated between the middle and the bottom but went with the bottom to counter the logo on the other side). 

Finally, peel the backing off and stick to the desired spot. 

Leave the sticker for a couple minutes for it to adhere permanently. 

Note: I tried on a Starbucks plastic cup and was able to remove the sticker easily with no residue. However, I only left it on for a few seconds. I’m not sure if it was the material that made it removable or that I didn’t leave it long enough.

2. iPad

iPads and laptops are another fun thing to decorate and add a personal touch to.

Add some colour to your plain iPad with the “Dream” sticker.

The holographic rainbow effect adds an extra dash of magic that is sure to catch everyone’s eye!

3. Notebook

Lastly, personalize your notebooks and binders with this Disney inspired product.

Peel and stick wherever you want!

Walk around rocking this look in the halls at school, at the office, or just in your own home.

I thought this sticker was perfectly fitting for this notebook. 

Where will you stick your “Dream” Sticker?

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